Mary Paist-Goldman, PE

Rippled Waters Engineering, LLC

Key Experience

  • Served as Principal Engineer and Director of Engineering Services at Princeton Hydro.
  • Served as project manager and lead design engineer for the preliminary design of approximately 6,900 linear feet of stream restoration in accordance with the Chesapeake Bay Expert Panel Report.
  • Project manager for the completion of engineering design, permitting, and construction management services associated with the restoration of approximately 900 feet of urban stream including daylighting a portion of the stream that had been piped within the City of Trenton.


Ms. Paist-Goldman has more than 20 years of experience in the fields of wetland and stream restoration, stormwater management, regulatory compliance, hydrology and hydraulics, dam safety, and wastewater management.

Throughout her career, Ms. Paist-Goldman has designed dozens of projects with low impact development techniques, green infrastructure, and with a focus on water quality – particularly in regard to TMDL compliance. She has designed rain gardens, cistern systems for water re-use in the form of landscape irrigation, bioretention islands, manufactured LID devices, and constructed wetlands. She has developed projects with goals of zero discharge upon completion, groundwater recharge to address aquifer deficits, and retrofits to reduce water quality impacts on Category One waters and EV streams.

Current and Past Affiliations

Working Lands Investment Partners

Rippled Waters Engineering, LLC

Princeton Hydro



Bachelor’s Degree in Civil Engineering – University of Maryland 

Rosgen Level I – Applied Fluvial Geomorphology Certification