Healthy Soil

Our proprietary soil treatment and management process helps heal and grow agricultural soil. This breakthrough technology and methodology can increase crop yield and nutritional density while building the soil's ability to sequester atmospheric carbon.

Working Lands is breaking new ground

We are improving soil health by applying our successful greenhouse methodology with controlled variables to an increasingly larger scale of field applications across new geographies.


Crop Yield

Our proprietary soil treatment and management process has generated yields in controlled testing up to five times those typical in comparable soils left untreated.


Nutritional Density

Our test crops have also been shown to be highly nutritious, with the available nutrient value of treated and managed soils improving up to 25% over comparable soils that are untreated.


Carbon Sequestration

Regeneration markedly increases the capacity of agricultural soils to sequester carbon, effectively reducing carbon release and absorbing CO2 from the atmosphere in amounts sufficient to reduce overall impact.

Learn how our new regenerative farming model can result in a five-fold increase in crop yield and carbon sequestration.

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