Water Remediation

With years of experience in water policy and remediation requirements, we deliver the full spectrum of services and technological solutions to assist you with cleanup, compliance, and long-term protection. Whether the water is contained in a facility or dispersed on the property, we will formulate and implement a plan to interrupt and prevent new exposure to surface and groundwater resources.


As systems ecologists, we work to understand how all parts of an ecosystem function together. Our focus is on nutrient cycles, dissolved oxygen, primary productivity, the interplay of physics and biology, and numerical ecosystem models, including those that help translate scientific data into explicit goals for reducing nutrient pollution. This understanding is key to our nutrient management strategies.


Per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) have been used since the 1940’s in commercial, industrial, and military applications. In January 2021, the EPA announced that it will be taking the final step needed to issue a regulation on two types of PFAS (PFOA and PSOF) under the Safe Drinking Water Act.  States are also focused on PFAS remediation of businesses and properties with contamination.

Working Lands Remediation Expertise

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