John Ryan


Key Experience

  • Design and Construction of Wetland and Stream Projects.
  • Negotiations with Federal regulators
  • Sales of wetland and stream credits
  • Team leader on multiple environmental restoration projects
  • Wetland Mitigation Banking
  • Stream Mitigation Banking
  • Site Development and Coordination

Current and Past Affiliations

  • President, Land and Water Resources, Inc.
  • Manager, Wetlands Mitigation of Illinois, LLC 
  • Manager, Middle South Platte River Wetlands, LLC
  • Treasurer, Ryan Inc. Central
  • Former President, National Mitigation Banking Association
  • Ryan Inc. Eastern
  • Ryan Inc. of Wisconsin


John Ryan has 30 years’ experience in constructing and managing wetland projects and over 25 years of wetland banking experience. John specializes in the developing environmental markets, specifically
performing project origination and execution. For example, projects include stream and wetlands mitigation including permitting, design, and construction management. John is also the President of Land and Water Resources, Inc (LAWR) and developed over 30 wetland
banks and other off-site wetland mitigation projects as well as a stream mitigation bank. 
Previously, John was an officer of Ryan Inc., one of the largest earth-moving companies in the United States. John oversaw hundreds of construction projects as well as many years as an estimator bidding projects. His first wetland construction project was a 1,000-acre wetland used for water quality purposes to cleanse storm water from an entire city before if it flowed into the intercoastal water way on the east coast of Florida.
John holds a Bachelor of Science degree in construction administration from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. John also obtained a real estate license in the State of Illinois.


Bachelor of Construction Administration from the University of Wisconsin-Madison

Licensed Real Estate Agent-Illinois