Nurturing Nature. Healing Soils.

Transforming land stewardship and improving the sustainability of our planet’s natural resources

Dedicated to sustainability.
Driven by stewardship.
Powered by science.

We engage private investment for projects benefiting the public, creating a flourishing environmental foundation for life in all forms. Our projects span both regulatory and agricultural operating environments and include restoration, rehabilitation, regeneration, and preservation.

We serve two dedicated markets.

Working Lands Soil & Water
is breaking new ground

Our proprietary soil treatment and management process helps heal and grow agricultural soil. This breakthrough technology and methodology can increase crop yield and nutritional density while building the soil’s ability to sequester atmospheric carbon.

Working Lands Investment Partners
delivers regulatory compliance

We provide permitting and mitigation for unavoidable impacts to Waters of the United States (and NY State waters) as required by the 1973 Clean Water Act (CWA). Our work serves to minimize cost, negate risk, and assure compliance through mitigation banking and permittee-responsible mitigation contracting.

We have a long-standing
history and commitment to
land stewardship.

We are passionate about protecting our natural resources. Over the years, Working Lands has integrated a team of experts with deep experience in forestry, agriculture, conservation, food processing, and finance. Our initiatives today build on this foundation of expertise, accomplishment, and integrity of continued commitment to nurturing our natural world.

Passionate Stewards

We strive to inspire and enable others to be the best possible stewards of our physical world by modeling and mentoring responsible stewardship.

Flexible Collaborators

At home in the field, forest, and lab — our team is highly knowledgeable and finely tuned to your changing needs, concerns, and goals.

Socially Responsible

Our projects are designed to be ecologically and economically sustainable, restoring balance in the natural world while providing public benefit.