Michael Clark, LEED AP, AICP, MA

Mike Clark has 15 years of experience as a leader in the field of environmental permitting, documentation, and compliance in various sectors, including power, real estate, oil/gas, and wetlands. As a consultant, he was responsible for wetlands permitting, environmental planning and documentation, and project management and leadership. Mike provided various services, including project management, wetlands permitting, transaction services, and environmental documentation.

Most recently Mike was responsible for leading the remediation and redevelopment of a 676-acre site in Staten Island that was formerly a major oil storage facility, the largest project of its kind in the history of New York City, as well as for the management of 300 acres of on-site wetlands. This project required the import and placement of 5M cubic yards of fill material for the construction of a remedial cap system; the deed restriction and management of 300 acres of on-site wetlands; and the construction of 5M square feet of warehouse space.

Mike holds a BS in Environmental Design (cum laude) from the University of Massachusetts Amherst and a MA in Environmental Studies from Brown University. He lives in Rhode Island with his wife and two daughters.