Bern Hoffmann, MNR

Senior Administrator

Key Experience

  1. Facilitating, coordinating and codifying administrative and operational systems.
  2. Experienced in organizational capacity development in domestic and international settings.
  3. Collaborating with cross-functional teams that want to create a shared vision, stronger collaboration, and better accountability as they seek to evolve and grow.


Bern combines relational skills, situational and systemic awareness, and ability to facilitate insight to inspire public, private and community entities to build consensus and strengthen the networks necessary to address the complex problems they face.

Current and Past Affiliations

Working Lands Investment Partners

Working Lands Soil & Water 

International Finance Corporation

Resilient Virginia

Center for Leadership in Global Sustainability, Virginia Tech


Master of Natural Resources,                  Virginia Polytechnical and State University

Master of Arts in Teaching, Rollins College

Bachelor of Arts Degree in Political Science, Connecticut College